Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tips in Choosing the Right Company for Your Car Wrapping Needs

Vehicle wraps are graphic stickers printed on vinyl material which are designed to cover vehicles such as trains, buses, cars, vans and even helicopters. With creatively designed car wraps, you can transform any vehicle either into something that is worthy of being included in a car magazine or a mobile marketing machine. One of the leading forms of advertising today is mobile advertising. Since vehicles can go anywhere, your car will catch the attention of thousands of potential costumers in different places in an instant.

Before, vehicle graphics are done with paint. This method of vehicle art is a bit pricey and time-consuming. However, with the technological innovations in large format printing, it became possible to easily create a vehicle art without the expensive and exhausting paint jobs. A well designed vehicle wrap can also give the same effect as that of paint and sometimes even better. You just have to make sure that the wrap is properly installed. In order to do this, it is best that you seek the services of a reliable vehicle wrap company. Here are some tips to help you choose the right company for your car wrapping needs.

1. Have a clear vision in your mind. When looking for a car sticker company, you already must have a clear and concise vision of what you want to be done. This will allow you to easily explain your car wrapping requirements and expectations to the company providing the service. Once you have explained what you have in mind, the company should be able to give you a precise quote of the project. If you are not comfortable with the quote that they have given you, do not hesitate to go look for another service provider.

2. Make sure that the car wrapping company uses high-quality but cost-effective materials. You have to watch out for those companies who use discount level materials and still charge premium rates just to earn extra profits. You need to know whether they will laminate the perforated window vinyl or not. In addition, make an inquiry about what kind of lamination materials they use. Do they use liquid laminate or are they using higher quality film based laminate? The more you know about the whole car wrapping process, the easier it will be for you to ensure the quality of the product that you will be getting.

Accessorizing Your Car

Any proud car owner will, more often than not, look for ways to personalize his or her car. Be it for performance, looks or functionality, a car owner will look to make the car a more endearing vehicle according to their taste or personality. The type of accessories that will benefit both car and owner will depend on whether the car is a weekend toy or a daily commuter (many times both).

If one is fortunate enough to have a car that's used exclusively on weekends, then the possibilities for accessorizing and modifying it are practically limitless. For a weekend toy, the owner most often starts with an aftermarket catback exhaust. Apart from the promise of a few more extra horsepower, a properly matched exhaust will give a car a throaty, aggressive rumble without the raspy note that grates on the ears after a while. Sometimes, an owner will add a cold air intake, which can give a few more horsepower. It must be noted that even the combination of a cold air intake and catback exhaust will, at most, give a horsepower increase only in the single digits. This is specially true of modern engines which have been optimized from the factory for peak efficiency. But as we said, this aspect of accessorizing/modification is as much for aesthetics as for power increases.

Many times, a dual-use or daily driven car will have its modifications stop there. But for owners with second cars, the weekend toy can be fitted with adjustable coilover suspensions, lighter wheels and carbon fiber body kits. High performance suspensions allow one to dial in the proper ride height for that all-important stance. More than that, quality aftermarket suspensions give your car a big edge in the handling department. Adjustable coilovers are one of the few aftermarket mods that benefit both the show and the go aspect of a car.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Modifying Your BMW

The BMW is among the most lavish cars in the automobile industry today. They have already proven their worth thousands of times over. It is an expensive car, yes, but you certainly should not feel ashamed if you want to tweak or modify it. You should just make sure that you do all the modifications the right way to avoid doing any damage.

Below are among the things that you need to keep in mind if you want to have some modifications done to your prized BMW:

1. Make sure you keep your BMW looking elegant. You should not mar what the brand stands for, and it spells out class and sophistication through and through. Do not add flairs like huge spoilers, lights under the car, a loud muffler, and gaudy stickers. Those DO NOT and would never go with your classy car.

2. You might want to also make sure that you boost the speed of your BMW. You may want to be like the cars in those cool movies you have been watching. You can go for BMW headers and BMW coilover suspensions or wheel spacers, but not any other brand. Make sure that you go for modification accessories made precisely for your classy ride.

3. If you want to upgrade the rims of your prized BMW, then please. No chrome. Those would not go well with your ride. Go for black, silver, aluminum, and other similar tones. You will never go wrong with them.

4. Make sure that whatever type of modification you add to your BMW, everything is in moderation. Do not go for any race appearance or theme. Those who uphold everything that the BMW stands for might just have a heart attack if they see you add some modifications that would make your ride look gaudy or too loud.

Whatever modification you do to your BMW, you need to make sure that you go for those that are being sold by the German manufacturer as much as possible. They may be more expensive than your usual run-of-the-mill mod accessories, but they will surely not harm your prized ride.

If you want to modify your BMW, you need to make sure that you go for accessories manufactured solely for them, like BMW headers and wheel spacers. This is the only way to go.